Sage Scripts: 30-Day Affirmation Coloring Book

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Did you know words have amazing power? Yes, they do? Daily use of AFFIRMATIONS - positive confessions - can uplift, empower, and boost the self-esteem of girls of all ages.

Sage Scripts provide positive self talk - ‘lines” - for girls to practice reciting to reduce negative self talk. Self-love conversations shared between grandmother and granddaughter inspired Sage Scripts and this floral focused coloring book using affirmations and the beauty of flowers to build self-esteem, train the brain, and create a sense of peace for girls of all ages. Sage Scripts are short and easy to learn. Girls are encouraged to memorize them and believe in themselves as they hear them spoken aloud.

3-in-1 Activity Book:

♥ 30 Awesome Affirmations to speak out loud daily

♥ 30 Floral Coloring Pages

♥ 30 Sage (Wise) Scripts to nourish the soul